Viewer cache

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Craig Denimore

Crazy Old Fart
Community Resident
May 23, 2018
South East Texas
I was under the impression the texture cache was there so your viewer didn't have to download unchanged textures whenever logging in or returning to region/sim. Lately, whenever I log in, or I return to my sims from somewhere else, I have to wait for things to download and rez before I can do anything. This happens in Firestorm and Alchemy so I don't think it's a viewer problem. Also, and may not be related, it seems to have started since the upgrade. I don't think there is any problem with writing on my drive. Wondering if anyone might have any ideas...

Finarfin Noldorin

Community Resident
Community Resident
Jul 31, 2018
I have had this problem since October and things I have set down are still not fully rezzing. I have tried everything to correct this, and cannot seem to find the solution. It is very discouraging since my payments are automatic, and I love my home here, yet I still cannot use my region. Can anyone please advise? I have troubleshooted this until I am blue in the face. Thank you.