Server down?

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Bob Garzo

Community Resident
Community Resident
Sep 19, 2016
Since few hours i try to log in. On website no message about problems just get:

Logins are currectly restricted. Please try again later.

I see from 1-7 people online there. You fix the problem or i shouldnt wait and go to bed? Would be nice if we get a message on homepage that we know if we can work forward or doing other stuff rl.

Greetings from Germany

Bob Garzo

Dalton Prock

Forum Administrator
DigiWorldz Staff
Jun 22, 2016
Texas, USA
DigiWorldz grid is back online.
The area where our data center is located experienced some bad weather today and a lightning strike caused a surge which their UPS system did not handle well.
The UPS instead sent "reset" signals to many of the connected servers causing them to lose power which resulted in one of our 2 Slave databases becoming corrupted.