Questions I've heard From new reisdents!

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Community Resident
Community Resident
Jul 7, 2016
Questions Often Heard in Digiworldz

(Q) How can I bring my stuff from Second Life over here?

(A) Unless you created EVERY single prim in any object, you cannot bring that item to Digiworldz. Please note, even if you created the object...BUT used a mega-prim you purchased or were given free, but did not create, you still cannot bring that item in until that mega prim is replaced with prims you DID create. This is incorporated into every legitimate viewer for both second life and opensim.

(Q) I did not create the item, but it is Modify. Can I rebuild the object and then bring it into Digiworldz?

(A) No. Chances are that the design of the build is unique to a creator. Just because you built a copy or replica of the original item built by someone else, you are still taking someone else's design as your own. This makes it a form of copybotting when you do this, as you actually 'copied' their design.

(Q) I spent a lot of money on an item and I want it here in Digiworldz. How can I get it here?

(A) Contact the creator of the item and ask if they're willing to bring it to Digiworldz for you! This not only provides the item you feel you can't live without but, in most cases, will also bring new creator to Digiworldz, increasing their potential for sales and adding to the commercial activity here in Digiworldz! A win-win for everyone!

(Q) I have a set of textures I want in Digiworldz but there is a terms of service in the package that forbids their use outside of Second Life.

(A) You cannot bring those textures into Digiworldz without the permission of the texture creator. Again, contact the creator and ask if they will allow it to be taken out of SL and into opensim. Bringing in textures or items with a TOS governing their use sets you up for a TOS violation and could result in that item/texture being removed from the grid as well as a possibility for legal action against you on by the creator. Some creators will allow their content in opensim but ask that you pay a fee and will want to know what grid and what avatar the item/texture will be used by.

(Q) I have a friend who can copy my object for me and bring it into Digiworldz. Is this okay?

(A) Definitely NOT! Copybotting is expressly forbidden in the Digiworldz grid. This can be a very serious offense that may result in your being banned from the grid! Dont risk it!

(Q) I purchased some mesh for resale and have it full perm. Can I bring this over to Digiworldz?

(A) Unless you have the dae (collada) files for mesh, AND unless you have permission from the original creator you cannot bring the mesh you purchased full permission into Digiworldz. The absence of a terms of service on an item does not indemnify you from repercussion if you choose to take the item anyway. You may still be at risk of a DMCA claim on intellectual property.