Island Oasis free land program pays off

Discussion in 'Hypergrid Business' started by RSSUpdate, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Jul 6, 2016
    Free land on Island Oasis.

    On the back of a new free land offer marketing campaign, Island Oasis gained 603 new registered users this past month, nearly twice as many as in March. This was the highest number of new registrations since the grid first launched in 2011.

    The grid offers free parcels of 4,896 square meters each with a building allowance of 280 primitives, one parcel per resident.

    The second-highest registered user increase of the past few years was two months ago, shortly after the grid turned on hypergrid connectivity.

    The next big change the grid is considering is enabling the multi-grid Gloebits currency, which allows hypergrid travelers to go shopping on other grids. When a grid has a local currency, only local residents are able to buy things, not hypergrid visitors.

    The grid first want to see how the currency is working out for the other grids that are deploying it, grid marketing director Liz Harrington told Hypergrid Business.

    It looks like Gloebit shopping has been resulting in positive reactions, she said, based on discussions she’s seen and the number of new listings and advertisements.

    “But I am trying to compile data to verify this as fact and not phenomenal coincidence,” she said.

    Currently, Island Oasis has its own currency, $Ps. It supports real-money cashouts and has ATMs on Island Oasis and other grids so that people can purchase the currency.

    So far, grid residents seem to prefer a grid which has its own established economy and currency, Harrington said.

    “One thing we are noticing is the feedback from residents regarding our currency, she said. “We have an active economy and allow users to buy or cash out to real life currency.”

    The grid’s sixth anniversary celebration has still not been scheduled.

    The event was postponed after grid founder Nicole Dreyer suffered a heart attack.

    “We want to make sure she will be in attendance for the celebration of the grid she co-founded,” said Harrington.

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