Idea for Xmas Buisness

Discussion in 'Group Discussion' started by Selenmoira, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. Selenmoira

    Selenmoira Community Resident
    Community Resident

    Aug 28, 2016
    A idea form one of your customer

    Hello there,

    I guess most of you know me already. I am Selenmoira and leader of a small roleplaying group here at Digiworldz. To help my friends to find the best working clothes, shoes, hair, I do tests buys and check out new stuff you all offer and announce over this channel.

    Today I have not a customer complain :)

    I contact you all to present an idea I have.

    We are at the end of august. Three months till Xmas.

    In Germany we have a tradition with a special Xmas-Market. Maybe some of you know the Nürnberger Christkindle Market.

    Such a market offer things like little gifts for the loved ones. Exotic stuff from the other side of the world. Sweats and food-specially for Xmas or for the little hunger. And of course music and clothing.

    My idea is, why not present something like this here at Digiworldz? Setup some booths, a place to dance or maybe ice skating, music events and so on. At the booths special offer from our designer with winter clothing, shoes, hair, or useful little things for the decoration of the own sim? All booths with demo, freebies and of course stuff you like to sell.

    The market should started at sunday 27th of November, what will be the 1st advent in Europe.

    Well that is my idea. Now I like to initiate this. First I need to know if and how many of you are interested to present their shop at such a market and what you like to offer there.

    If you are interested to join such a market and offer something here, please be so kind and send me a PM with your avatar name and if you have already an idea what you like to offer, add a few lines about this.

    I will count the number of answers here at the forum and inworld. After this I like to initiate an opening meeting where we can talk about the project and bring it to life.

    So we can see if we need a whole sim for such a project or can place it on an already existing place.

    Like always with kind regards,

    Selenmoira Resident
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