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Community Resident
Community Resident
Jul 11, 2019
that I do do during the day I work out like mad to wear myself out which of course you know I found out is only works on the adrenals and you know and I meditate and everything else but when you have adrenal fatigue this is what happens and you your hours are screwed up and everything and I've got to get up early in the morning so I've always said God do I want that off button the off renuvo cbd oil button even tell you the first day that I took it it was almost like I took it in like five minutes after I took it it was like I can I can hear it I swear I could hear it at my head going and I was just like oh oh that feels nice I think I'm getting tired yes I am getting taught and I was like okay guys it's time to go to bed it's actually 9:30 and I am going to bed and I went to sleep and it was some of the best sleep oh it was so nice now I do want to give you a little side note on this if you take it and buy in each you should have the best sleep of your life if you take it and you have nightmares you need to take vitamin B because it's telling you your vitamin D vitamin B deficient so find a good liquid complex vitamin B preferably plant-based and I'm telling you you should sleep better than you have in years I for me I mean for me it was like it was a godsend I just I couldn't couldn't be happier and there's also different ways as you can see in the card okay so there's actually different ways to try this and I did try it different ways the first the first way that I did try