Grid is down

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Digital Nox

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Sep 12, 2016
Hi Guys, Terry is working on the issue and we hope to be up soon, status reports/updates will be posted on FB page first, then here. Please bear with us while Terry roots out the gremlin and sends it packing
Sorry guys. not used to posting here, so forgive me for not posting this sooner:
UPDATE: [UPDATE: 5-27-2018 @ 3:56pm]
We are still running a repair process on our main database and don't yet have an eta on completion time.
The database is very large and this process could take a fair amount of time to complete.
We are keeping our fingers crossed the repair process will complete successfully, but if not, we have backups on which to fall back on, but these backups are very large and if we need to restore from backups the process could take many days to complete, so we're hoping all goes well with the repair process as this would minimize our downtime.
We understand your frustration, but please know we are doing all we can behind the scenes to get the grid back online as quickly as we can.
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Community Resident
May 4, 2018

I was on and tried to log in as Bella and from that moment was not able to get back myself!

Good to know someone is working on it!

Arm Twilight