Free Homes for Oldies and Noobies

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Community Resident
Community Resident
Oct 16, 2017
I have houses for free for everyone ;) Oldies and noobies as well . . . I have a variety of homes set out on Passions Furbabys <<<<< Just type that into your map and it should take you to right where the homes are located ;)

If you can't just take a copy, just IM me in-world and I will send you a copy right away ;)

PassionFlower Jumanji (It still may be Magestic, it's in the process of changing my last name)

Just to let you know that I still have homes available, but they are not at Passions Furbabys anymore. I am going to be putting them out once again but at a later date. I will keep you updated on when that will take place. ATM I don't have any speicific date set yet . . .
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