Commercial airlines should guarantee every passenger a space in the overhead bin above their seat to stow one medium-sized roller bag.

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Community Resident
Community Resident
Feb 23, 2019
Hello everyone,,
The mad rush to find a spot for your carry on bag in the coach overhead bins is infuriating and makes no sense. If you buy a seat, then the overhead storage space above your seat should also be yours. Doing away with the chaotic Mad Max gasoline race for a space for your carry on would eliminate one of the many petty indignities and discomforts of modern air travel.
At the very least, airlines are missing out on an opportunity to make money — something they never seem to do anywhere else. Why not at least make guaranteed overhead bin space an upgrade passengers can buy?
The current system in which anyone can put whatever they want wherever they want in the overhead bins seems needlessly stressful, completely unfair, and irrational. But I’m open to the idea that maybe I’m missing something here. CMV?
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