Camera position

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Fabienne Koehler

Community Resident
Community Resident
Jul 23, 2018
How can i change the Camera Position?
At the Moment i look nearly straight down to my head.
What to do to see myself from behind?

greetings, Fabienne

Jane Stonecrow

Community Resident
Community Resident
Jun 4, 2017
Ok, what you need to change the camera settings is Debug Settings. If you don't already have the Advanced menu visible, go to Preferences>Advanced tab, and the 3rd item down is "Show Advanced Menu." Check that, and the Advanced menu will appear in the top menu bar. Now go to that menu, and the 2nd item from the bottom is Debug Settings, select it and the Debug panel will appear.

There are 4 items you need to change:

The "cameraoffset" (front and back) is where the camera is viewing FROM, the "focusOffset" is where it's looking AT. Type or paste in the search box at the top to bring up the setting you want to change. Each one gives you 3 angles to adjust, X, Y, and Z.

This article will give you in-depth explanations of it all, but here are the settings I use:

X 2.1
Y 0.1
Z -0.45
X 0
Y 0.1
Z 0.1
X -2.5
Y 0
Z -0.1
X 1.0
Y 0
Z 0.3

Play around with the numbers to get the angles and distance that works for you. :)
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