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Craig Denimore

Crazy Old Fart
Community Resident
May 23, 2018
South East Texas
I posted this on Facebook, hopefully more people will see it here.

A lot of places, mostly clubs, send out notices containing special characters and Unicode text thinking it makes the notices 'cute' or eye catching. A lot of people have their viewers set to email notices when they're not logged in to the world. The servers cannot handle these special characters so what you get is "This notice does not contain any text" in the emails. I can easily get 10 to 20 of these a day. I imagine some people get quite a bit more. Are these special characters really necessary? I mean, I'm 64 and really cant read this: :
√v^√ PⓐℝƬγ 〒ίMƐ ➌➋➊ ... Լёʈ'š ģσ !!/ .: ★ѠℍO: .: Ɗل...

A lot of users are around my age or older and probably have the same trouble. Please think of the people you're trying to send notices to. This isn't SL. Personally I delete the things and never try to read them. Kinda counter intuitive to advertising no?

Thank you for your time.
Craig Denimore