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  1. Jane Stonecrow

    Camera position

    Ok, what you need to change the camera settings is Debug Settings. If you don't already have the Advanced menu visible, go to Preferences>Advanced tab, and the 3rd item down is "Show Advanced Menu." Check that, and the Advanced menu will appear in the top menu bar. Now go to that menu, and the...
  2. Jane Stonecrow

    buying coins on Digiworld

    Hi Angelic, the payment link will take you to PayPal to process the payment, but you can use your credit card rather than your PayPal account. Just don't be logged in to PayPal - the screen will show the form for your credit card info instead.
  3. Jane Stonecrow


    Hi Angelic, log in on the website, and then on your Dashboard you will see the Calendar. At the top of it is a link to post new events.
  4. Jane Stonecrow

    Camera position

    Hi Fabienne, what viewer do you use? I can give you instructions for the Firestorm viewer.
  5. Jane Stonecrow

    Nice article about the Isle of Nightmares

    Nice article about Morticia & Dementia's Isle of Nightmares region. If you haven't visited there yet, check it out!
  6. Jane Stonecrow

    Weekly "FOCUS"

    I love being able to make worlds and experiences, and to see those that others create. Whether it's an art project or a nice little beach or a dream home, or whatever. Being able to actually walk through someone's vision—that's pretty cool.