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  1. Dalton Prock

    Welcome our new Forum Administrator

    Hello there DigiCitizens, Due to my lack of activity, we have decided to bring in another Forum Administrator. His name is @Jst Rock , he is here to help any way he can. Please do not hesitate to leave him a message here or inworld. I would like to thank him for helping me out with the forums...
  2. Dalton Prock

    Happy New Year Digiworldz - 2017 - Website News

    NEW YEAR DEALS!! LIMITED TIME!! Happy 2017 to All! DigiWorldz is happy to announce a GREAT New Sales Event to kick off the new year! This sale will begin on Jan. 1st and will run through the end of March. We’re getting closer and closer to our 2 year anniversary!! It’s so hard to believe it’s...
  3. Dalton Prock

    Server down?

    DigiWorldz grid is back online. The area where our data center is located experienced some bad weather today and a lightning strike caused a surge which their UPS system did not handle well. The UPS instead sent "reset" signals to many of the connected servers causing them to lose power which...
  4. Dalton Prock

    Radio Stations

    Ofcourse, post any you like.
  5. Dalton Prock

    We're Hiring!

    If you would like to apply, please send a ticket into our support portal.
  6. Dalton Prock

    Resolved increase number of objects in a region?

    This issue has been resolved, this topic shall be closed. But can been looked over for future knowladge.
  7. Dalton Prock

    We're Hiring!

    Hello there our wonderful resident's of DigiWorldz! Check out below for more information about us hiring! We are always looking for many different types of folks that would like to help make our grid the best of the best! Grid Helpers We are especially in need of helpers in UK Time zones and...
  8. Dalton Prock

    Alchemy Viewer

    DigiWorldz is supported by Alchemy you can find the link located here Alchemy Viewer Please make sure you choose the correct operating system for the viewer you want and than use one of the Open Sim Versions. DigiWorldz staff does not provide technical support for this viewer please contact...